Ben Marshall

Who am I?

I am a passionate Product Design and Technology undergraduate from Loughborough University. I have completed my second year and I am currently on a work placement for 12 months at an independent scotch whisky bottling and logistics company.

I love creating stories that connect, inspire and move people sourced around what matters most to them.

How I express this is through creative mediums such as, creating films that move people, for example my wedding filming business, producing music, such as the two bands I have formed and through my design work at university and beyond. Understanding the story and the relationship someone will have with anything and why it matters to them is key.

Connecting to people on an emotional and visceral level it what inspires me the most.


Programs I specialise in.

Adobe Suite


The Adobe and Microsoft Suite is software I have been accustom to most of my life.  After being at university for two years, it has pushed my knowledge and skill set further in all these avenues.

Bentley Nuts

Bentley Nuts is the website where I upload all my creative content. This domain started off as a little project to learn how to build a website back in July 2011. Since then it has been a host for my animations, avenue for my filming company which has specialised in weddings and event filming. Now it is just my creative abode!

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