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A blues rock trio.

Gloucestershire, UK.


The band was formed in April 2015 by myself and my close mates Phil and Sam.  We all had love for the groovier side of rock.  I was 18, we were all in education and this was all our first musical outlet that we had full control over.  We could experiment and see what was shaped on the other side. It felt great having passionate group of people wanting to get the most out of the band.  However, we all later found out this much passion can cause much tension and disagreement in our baby.  It was our first band so I’m sure we took it way too seriously at the time, but that’s all of us figuring out what the hell you do to get your music out there.  All of us growing as musicians.


The band is currently in a dormant hiatus state.  Due to factors such as university and becoming responsible adults, it is hard for us to get together. We have no plans in the near future however, only time will tell.


Thanks for reading, please check out my other musical projects such as saucy. or my solo projects.


– Ben