We are a Funk and Rock band from Loughborough. We currently cover songs but we like put our own saucy twist to them and drizzle them with groove. We hope you like our sound as much as we love to make it.


Saucy is a music project that started in my first year of university.  I met Zackary Brooks, Dom Morris and Valdo Burbo and found that we all had a great love for music and similar tastes.


Throughout the first year, we just jammed as often as we could for fun as we all love playing live music.  When I returned back to Loughborough for my 2nd year, there was a spare room in our house that went used for a few days.  What a perfect place to make a jam room, right?  We shoved a drum kit, guitar amps, guitars, bass amp, bass guitars, keyboards, melodicas, bongos, saxophone, any musical equipment we could convince our mates to store we had.  All cramped into a spare bedroom of a student house. Having access to this space improved all of our playing immensely.  It was a great asset to have.  Thanks to our neighbours and especially our housemates who put up with us!


As we are all taking a placement year in 2017-2018, therefore saucy is put on a hiatus ready to return in the summer of 2018 when we all come back to Loughborough for our final year.


We played our debut gig this year at Loughborough University’s FreeFest in 2017.