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Rethinking Household Products

Simplicity, Optimist, Nature


Simplicity, Optimism and Nature

Concept Sketching

Two main ideas from group ideation.

Above are the two concepts that are based around the method of filling the product with the exact amount of water for you cup.

Designing around the idea that no excess water needs to be heated as this wastes precious energy.  We aim to manufacture the product with durable, lasting materials.

This design eliminates
Ben Marshall


This was a great project to finish off my first year at Loughborough University.  I felt I had learnt a new way of looking at solutions – thinking outside of the norm right from the start of the project.  In addition, my interest in sustainable design has thoroughly increased which as a result, inspired me to take the Sustainable Design module in year two at Loughborough.

For this Bentley Nuts article, I have rebranded the product with my own CAD renders from the finished hand in.


– Ben

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