Ben Marshall Head Shot

Ben Marshall
Creative Designer

I am 22 years old and live in Gloucestershire.

Meaningful work is what I strive for. Creativity is what makes me tick. Connecting with people on an emotional and visceral level is what inspires me the most.

From a young age I have been very entrepreneurial in my approach, from fixing broken iPhones to producing wedding videos – increasing my love for all things creative while figuring out how the world works. My curiosity and pursuit of challenging the norm has guided me throughout my life.

A year spent working as a creative assistant at an established Scotch Whisky broker has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of business and my design process – developing and creating brands which have been successfully released in the market.

 I have formed and performed in bands, designed and run websites, created rum and whisky brands and secured a place at the Loughborough Design School. The course provided me with skills to become a versatile designer from sketching to 3D modelling. I am extremely excited for the future!

What is Bentley Nuts?

Bentley Nuts has been the name of my company for 8 years. At the age of 15, I started to use this domain for any and all of my business adventures. This varied from an iPhone repair business to a wedding videographer. It now currently acts as the face for my design work.


But – why the name BentleyNuts?


While growing up I had a favourite toy, a TY Beanie Baby Squirrel. His name was Nuts and I used to take him everywhere. Bentley was one of my parents name ideas for me. As a result my first ever account on the online world was the username BentleyNuts. I bought the website domain back in 2007 and I have kept it ever since.


Branding myself with the flying squirrel logo represents more than just a favourite toy from childhood. It represents my endless curiosity approach to life. I am always seeking to learn new things and actively pushing myself grow. I hope this passion is shown through my design work.


To bring this to a fitting end, Nuts still sits on my desk today.