Aceo Spirits Brochure

Commercial Product

Showcasing the range of premium drink products and services


Aceo Limited are well-established cask whisky brokers and suppliers of related distillery services to the Scotch whisky industry.

A new section of the company was created to produce their own range of premium spirits. For this, they required a product brochure for sales and promotional material.


During my placement year, I designed the template layout for their current product brochure.

Brochure in use at Aceo Limited booth Vinexpo 2018, Hong Kong (left) and China 2019 (right).

Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

Another fantastic opportunity for my placement year at Aceo Limited. It was a fun challenge creating a booklet that reflects the companies current aesthetic. I went with a Swiss approach to the design. Strong natural blues while using Helvetica in combination with other clean San Serif fonts to match the corporate branding.

Great to see the booklet in action showcasing the premium products Aceo Spirits has to offer!