Building My Custom Fender Stratocaster

Personal Project

Baby Blue


My passion for music and guitar started mainly in August 2013. A year later, I decided to embark on a project to build my own custom Fender stratocaster. I will be mostly using genuine fender parts while keeping in the budget of £400.

It took me little over a week to build with literal blood, sweat and tears.


Build a custom Fender stratocaster in a week while under the budget of £400.

Guitar Build Video

Build Gallery

Finished Product: Baby Blue

Projects with Baby Blue

Below are projects that I used my favourite guitar, Baby Blue.


This was my cover funk band which was started during the second year of university. We played funk and rock cover songs but we put our own saucy twist to them and drizzle them with groove. The members are, Zach Brooks (vocals/guitar), Dom Morris (drums), Valdo Burbo (bass) and myself (guitar).

Please listen and watch our live set at Freefest 2017 below.

Ain’t No Sunshine – Saucy. Live


Zenshal Soul

Another project I started at University. It was a duo group comprised of Hannah Brzezinka on vocals and myself on guitar.


Funky Purple Trees

A trio project formed in 2015. We were a blues rock funk band from Gloucestershire that mashes these three main genres to create smooth and heavy sounds with some soul in between. We had 3 members: Sam Dix (drums), Ben Marshall (rhythm/lead guitar) and Philip Quinlan (vocals and bass).

In the winter of 2016, we released an EP called Former Current Prospects. This can be listened to on iTunes and Spotify.

Former Current Prospects EP Debut Trailer in the style of Stranger Things


Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

This project helped define many of my musical projects in my career. This guitar has been attached to me since the creation! I play with it daily – 5 years on!

I highly recommend to any musician who is interested in the how their instrument works to build their own (if feasible). I have found that you have a deeper connection to your instrument as you made it for yourself. No one else in the world has it. Only yours and a stronger relationship with your instrument is created.