Design Week 2019

Loughborough University Year 3:
Live Projects Module - Brief set by Panasonic

Opportunities in the Indian Market


As part of the module Live Projects, students are presented three briefs from external companies to complete within a week. Three boards must be submitted with the following criteria; research and development, product proposition and scenario of use.


The Panasonic Design team would like you to focus on the opportunities of the Indian market. Exploring lifestyle and social trends, how can the Panasonic brand and the values it holds be translated into a new category of product / service. What could pose a significant shift from our traditional offerings?

The three A3 boards can be found at the bottom of the page.

Board 1

Board 1 is all about the initial stages of the brief. Thorough work done during this phase sets the foundation for the rest of the project. The brief is dissected and key words are written down. Furthermore, research into Panasonic as a brand, discovering their why and brand values. This enables development of a solution that the Panasonic brand can align with.

Key insights and potential problems areas are communicated to show the exploration phase of product or service ideas. Moreover, investigating current technology which can be utilised in the solution.

Finally, after choosing an idea – sketching and primitive prototyping to communicate and explore form, size and function.


This section of the project took 4 days out of the week deadline.

Board 2

This board is to so show the product/service proposal for the 1 week long brief.

A hero image to show the device in action.

Next, a product description of the proposal. Clear annotated renders to show features and functionality.

Board 3

Final board is to show step by step the product in use. This is done through simple illustration of a potential user journey to show the functions of the product/service.

Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

A fun but intense week. Nevertheless, I believe I produced a bunch of work that I am proud of. All content you see has not been updated apart from the layout style on the website. I wanted to show what can be achieved in a week long brief.