Iguana Rum

Commercial Product

Branding, Illustration and Print


During my placement year at Aceo Limited, I was given the opportunity to design branding for their new rum product, Iguana Rum.

It was important to get across the playful nature of the brand without being too on the nose by taking the easy stereotypical route with the tropical and pirate tones.


Produce a fun, illustrative product label for the name Iguana Rum. The rum will be aged and is produced in Panama and the surrounding Caribbean regions. These qualities are required to be reflected in the label design.

Product Description

Iguana Rum was distilled in Panama, produced according to a traditional recipe brought over from Cuba. Dating back centuries, it is a product of its creators’ patience and experience. This molasses-based spirit was matured for five years in oak barrels, which resulted in a rounded flavour, adding to the rum’s complexity. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, but will reveal its full potential in long drinks.

Product Specifications

Age         5 Years

Bottle      70 cl

ABV        40%


Tasting Notes

Delicate, warm, sugarcane sweetness, with pronounced vanilla notes, a little bit of spice and a hint of oakiness.

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To create the fun vibe for the brand, I illustrated a friendly iguana character as the main feature on the rum label. Pushing the vibrant greens to add tropical themes and applying texture to give more depth to the iguana. Furthermore, the strong orange hue to attracts users to the eye of the iguana. This allows the user have a stronger connection to the character.

Iguana Layers

The GIF below shows you how each layer builds to create my illustration of the iguana.


Illustrating a map was an approach to convey the location of the rum while setting the ambience for the brand. The label has influences of archetypical pirate traits while not being too on the nose. The idea was to have the map as background artwork for the label.

The below GIF shows the layering process of my map illustration.

A washed out texture was added to help convey the age of the rum and add to the authentic aesthetic of old nautical maps.


Inspiration for the typography came from traditional American posters from the 1900s. The single print style of typography is also found on nautical maps from around this time in history.


Using the above images as inspiration, the development of the logotype came from a wood carving style to a simple but effective use of label foiling.

Print Ready

Once the print ready artwork file has been tested on an in-house bottle, it is then sent to print. Below GIF shows the label with all embellishments on the printing press.



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Producer: Aceo Limited

Studio Manger: @treeeny

3D Bottle Render: @jamierobinsondesigns

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Thoughts and Reflection

One of my proudest projects to date. Being able to see people sharing their experiences online amazes me. A super fun project that pushed many of my skills.

If you enjoy a sweet rum with a friendly Iguana on the label – go purchase one on the link above!