illumination: Harbour Festival of Light 2017

Commercial Project

Promotional Material and Photography


Illumination is a four night art and light spectacular celebrating both the natural and built heritage of Irvine’s historic waterfront run by the Scottish Maritime Museum. The whisky producer, Murray McDavid partnered with the event to provide whisky tasting experiences on their boat “The Murray McDavid“.


Design promotional material and provide a photography service for Murray McDavid.

Event Tickets

Boat Banner

Event Flyers

Event Photos

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Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

This was a fantastic opportunity and experience to have during my placement year at Aceo Limited.

During this project, I produced an 8 meter long banner for the boat – which is one of my biggest forms of print to date!

Furthermore, heading to Irvine Harbour (Scotland) to help out and be a photographer was an experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.