Promotional Injection Moulded Widget - Adidas

Loughborough University Year 2:
Design and Manufacture Technologies

* This project is not in association with the Adidas company.

The Brief.

Design and produce a promotional widget that can be given out at events through the manufacturing method, injection moulding.

The Idea.

A phone stand and headphone tidy promoting the brand Adidas.

The Manufacture.

Manufacture a fully functioning injection mould prototype that will be used on the injection moulding machine.

Design and Manufacturing Technologies Module

This project was set during my second year at Loughborough Design School while studying Product Design and Technology (BSc). This was a group project with 7 members. The duration was 12 weeks.

Team Role

My main roles were to machine 4 inserts for the mould, the group photographer and to design the A0 display board and other graphical assets for our project (including 3D renders).

Engineering drawings were developed from the negative of the mould blocks. 11 inserts are required inside the mould to generate the geometry required to produce the widget.

Using 2D milling, the mould cavities are tested on foam before the actual aluminium blocks on the CNC machine. This is to mitigate any errors before committing to the more expensive and time consuming aluminium block.

It is important to 3D print the desired widget to use to help visualise any issues we might have with the inserts.

Using solidworks’ plastic flow simulation, we can test out injection mould locations, fill flow time and the potential warping of the polymer. This gives a good representation of the injection mould outcome.

Prototype Mould


A0 board on display in the Loughborough Design School

Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

This was a very tough project during my second year of university. There were many setbacks caused by simple mistakes, which is great to learn from. There is an art to machining where once you have taken too much off – there is no going back!