Song Illustration Project

Personal Project

My interpretation of songs through illustrative posters


The two main passions in my life are design and music. I decided to create a project that combines these two by choosing songs that have given me strong imagery over the years from countless listens.

I am eager to learn and this project allows me to explore different illustration techniques, styles and layouts. But most importantly – have fun by playing around with the creativity, meaning and interpretation.


Portray how you visually see a selection of songs by producing a poster that can be put up on a fans bedroom wall.

Spotify Playlist:

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Please listen to the playlist while viewing!

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“Kids with Guns” – Gorillaz, Demon Days

“Cosmik Debris” – Frank Zappa, Apostrophe (‘)

“Magic Mountain” – Eric Burdon with War, Love Is All Around

“Astro” – The White Strips, The White Stripes

Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

This is a fantastic project that I am still undertaking. More posters will be added soon.

I loved creating the imagery to the songs, whether the theme stayed similar to the artist’s idea or whether it took a completely different turn.