Video Productions

Commercial and Personal Projects

Showcasing some of my favourite productions from over the years.


From 2012 I developed a passion for film making. As a result I started up my own YouTube channel for fun. Little did I know at the time, this would result in many projects ranging from wedding filming to athlete sponsorship promotional material.

The channel has gained more than half a million views to date. During this time, I developed video editing and graphic/animation experience.


Showcasing some of my favourite productions from over the years.

Building My Custom Fender Inspired Stratocaster - Baby Blue

Here is the build of my custom fender stratocaster, Baby Blue. It took me little over a week to build and literal blood, sweat and tears went into building this.

Funky Purple Trees EP Promotional Trailer

I edited this trailer to help promote the first EP of my former band, Funky Purple Trees. At the time, Stranger Things had just hit netflix – therefore, to help gain marketing traction, I created the trailer in the style of the famous opening sequence in the series.

Wedding Film

Myself and my videography partner Oscar Davies filmed and editing many weddings between 2012-2016.

Please note up until 3:38 the music has been removed due to dodgy YouTube claiming copyright on the music.

Wyedean Rally 2012

Wyedean Rally 2013

I am a huge lover of motorsport and as a result, every year I would film the local Wyedean rally. This series picked up some traction in Gloucestershire within the local community. So much so, Chris Harris who is current presenter on Top Gear contacted me to film his car that he entered in the rally. This is so he can use the footage in one of his DRIVE productions.

What Makes Rowing Inspirational?

What Makes Rowing Inspirational is a motivational short film. I followed the Bath University’s 1st Novice Boat at BUCS 2012 (Nottingham) where my older brother was one of the rowers. This video contains the build up and the actual race with onboard cameras to get right in with the action!

A Day Out - Theme Park: Alton Towers

Back in 2012, GoPro’s were still trying to get a foothold in the consumer camera market. At the time, I purchased the Hero 1 and Hero 2 and used these to film Rollercoasters. There were not as many people doing these kind of videos back then.


When I was 15 I was lucky enough to go on a family long weekend trip to New York. I created the above video to document the trip.

Ben Marshall Head Shot

Thoughts and Reflection

Filming and creating videos was one of the first creative hobbies that I could earn a bit of money doing! Really showed me the value in seeking work in things that you love.